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The first batch of students in the country to receive admission notice tuition fees are not cheap

time:2017-08-08 source:Peiying edit:admin

In December 2016, China University of Communication Nanguang College in Nanjing Hengyi culture to promote the establishment of China's first undergraduate professional, Nanjing Hengyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. formally signed with the South Canton, become the professional cooperation with the school side. The professional was officially opened in 2017 enrollment, the first batch of students will be officially admitted in September And the first national art and technology (e-sports analysis direction) undergraduate students have been the first batch of admission received notice.

Yan Guang, executive vice president of the University of Communication University of China, gave such a set of data: "The Nanguang College of professional competition for the number of 120, the number of applicants has reached 6,000." Although the professional competition is a new professional , The first year of school, but the competition between students is still very intense.

The main employment directions of the graduates of Benggong College include the analysis and management of e-sports data, the planning and organization of e-sports events, the production and dissemination of e-sports events, the analysis of e-sports events, the operation and management of e- Network variety production and dissemination, electronic sports media management and operations, and other electronic sports related to the club tournament institutions and media companies. Graduates of this program can also engage in e-sports strategy analysts, data analysts, tournament commentary, e-sports program director, club manager and e-sports event manager and other related work.