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Talk about Graduates Slow Employment: There are economic backing for traditional employment

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"Why do you learn and why do you want to learn?" Even a college student who meets the typical Chinese "excellent" standard may not be able to give a clear answer. But most people in the growth of the road to choose to throw away the mystery of these puzzles, in the "graduation that is unemployed", "no employment is equal to eating the old family", "no work is no sense of responsibility" and other public opinion under the high pressure, directly accept the community Rules and temptations.

"After graduation must be immediately employed?" With doubt and confusion on the road, some 90, 95 graduates or to support education in poor areas, or to the Middle East rescue, and even return to his hometown to continue to think about exploration, but also New questions back to society: in the economic conditions permitting, there is no possibility of "slow employment" students are more inclusive, more encouragement?

"This year, I went to Yunnan poor county education"

"From elementary school to high school, I have been educated to learn to make a lot of money, but after graduation, I hope I can go to Yunnan to teach a year to experience how diverse life can be." Peking University history graduate Liu Shu letter (a pseudonym) told reporters that during the university she met a lot of college students volunteer to serve the West plan brothers and sisters, their experience and feelings of her had a profound impact, "out of social responsibility, I do not want to just listen to the story I want to do my own to bring some changes. "

"Before the total book in the book to see that to support the West, but the need to support the West in the end what it is like? I want to see." Liu Shu letter after graduation came to Yunnan Province, the national poverty county tribe, Go to a lot of villages and towns, and local teachers to complete the same class, early reading, evening reading, evening study, dormitory monitoring and other work, "some of the students of the family poverty is beyond my imagination, and even some families because of fire a young and middle- No, like the students from the bull street and the town of Taju, who had to go to the school for three or four hours, even if they had to go to school by car, and I began to pay attention to the national poverty alleviation policy, and I was eager to change their situation.

"What makes me most emotionally is that one of my students is the only high school in their village. He is the pride and hope of the whole village, but he will not be able to go to college with his current performance." This is the poor mountain children The level of education. "In order to allow students to better understand the fate of education, Liu Shu letter also with students back to a Peking University to participate in the West desire to study activities," but only eight places, only in the school within the sea election, Finally chose the classmates looked at me and said that the students in the class so that they cherish the opportunity to come back with those who did not go to a good talk, but also round their dream of a big dream, I was very sad.

"It is gratifying that after the tour we have returned to the school to organize a sharing meeting, many students have changed the spirit of God, they began to have a goal to think about the future." See the poor children's real life learning situation, Want to change the Liu Shu letter also to gain their own growth. "My previous plan was to read the post at the university as a teacher, and the education experience gave me a better understanding of the social responsibility of the teacher, and I was more determined to be engaged in education - related occupations.

In the eyes of peers, talk about Long Yang (a pseudonym) is a "heterogeneous". He is not like many elite students keen on volunteer activities, not like other students anxious to find a good job, after graduation, he backpack back home in Sichuan.

"I want to stop and think about it, this is my first sentence to my dad after entering the house." Graduated from North China Electric Power University Tan Longyang recalls, when his father did not speak his face, but Nodded, "I told my parents very seriously, I need a year gap (gap year) to think about future planning, rather than as many students as the so-called 'mainstream' compromise, do not want to go to the power system Work, every day complained that all kinds of depression was stuck.

Although the school of detection technology and automation equipment professional, but the University of Longhua on the Japanese had a strong interest. "I want to go to a day to do the translation, but not very sure this is not the most suitable for my choice." In fact, during this year interval, talk about Long Yang did not idle, he side of the Japanese translation Need a certificate, while in a Japanese forum to take part - time tasks to exercise their ability to work, "If I do not even part - time translation of the pressure can not carry, not to mention professional to engage in this line.

"By consulting a lot of information and forums to communicate, I realized that there are fewer and fewer Japanese companies to set up translation jobs, unless the qualifications are hard enough to sign the publishing house to do book translation, income will be more stable." Tan Yang said "I'm not sure how far I can go on this way in Japanese translation." It 's not going to work, and I have no regrets about the work of the power system, after all, what' s the ability to hold what 's the job.

"This year, I want to help refugee children reshape life"

"Everyone has the right to choose their own lives, only their own know what they want." Ren Fang law school graduates Dong Ruiqi (a pseudonym) to get a master's degree came to Jordan, and volunteers from other countries to take care of Syrian refugees Children and teach them English, "Jordan 's Syrian refugee camp is full of tragedy, but the other side of the tragedy is that they still need to reshape life, we think that language skills is one of the important tools.

Dong Ruqi side chatted about the video, while sent a lot of Zataili refuge camps photos, "more than 60,000 refugees, more than half are children, they do wrong to suffer such a situation? I was an idea, I want to help They came to Jordan through an international organization.

"I am in the Zhaitai refugee camp, and realized the real weight of hope." Dong Ruiqi told reporters, in addition to donating to him the necessary material, the orphans for the refugee camp to provide English education is the focus of daily work. "For many Syrian refugee orphans, fortune is unavoidable and acceptable, but you will see that, in any case, these young souls never give up on the pursuit of beauty. , Is nothing more than any story on the book.

Dong Ruiqi's parents did not have to worry about his choice. "Home would have wanted me to go to a law school after graduation, decent and more gold, but this is not my inner desire for the state of mind." Dong Ruiqi said that he will regularly send pictures to the home, call, parents also gradually understand His choice, "I do not have to worry about making money back home, and now in order to support the project, have to stop writing mail for personal donation.One day I received a donation from the parents, that moment, I really can not use the language expression."

Expert Comments:

The traditional view of employment has changed

"Internet society affected the generation, 95 after no hurry to work is also very normal." China Communication University journalism news director Fang Yihua said. She thinks 95 is the highest generation of Internet viscosity, the Internet for them to provide more job opportunities. "Internet liberation of the legs, more flexible, more spacious, more information, find work is also much easier, so they want to work in fact at any time to work, graduation on the unemployment values are out of date.

Fang Yihua that the development of the Internet impact on the traditional occupation, but also deeply changed the employment concept, the way of employment and the form of a change. "Do you have to work in the office, factory work is employment? Looks not sitting in the office, not called employment? Employment concept has undergone tremendous changes, but the concept of employment is still old.

Needless to say, college disciplines assessment, professional certification, dual-class construction in the employment rate is still a rigid indicator, then how is the statistical employment rate of colleges and universities? In a 2068 session of China Communication University employment quality report, the reporter saw the employment statistics categories include the signing of the agreement, the domestic study, study abroad (territory) study, flexible employment, independent entrepreneurship, volunteer service west, join the army, to be Employment and other 8 items. One of the flexible employment, volunteer service in the western part of the basic include NGO projects, education, translation, free writing and other types of work, "but at least to issue a free job description Caixing." The student is responsible for the employment of students Liu Fan added. Reporters learned that the "free occupation situation description" as long as the corresponding institutions can sign the book.