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Xi'an a juvenile into the closed school quit addiction fall seriously wound left note to die

time:2017-08-08 source:Peiying edit:Peiying 

Xi'an public Wei sent a 16-year-old son to the closed school addiction, the results of his son accidentally falls, the body more serious injuries.

In order to solve the "Internet" and "rebellious" to send their children to the closed school

August 4 at 2 pm, Mr. Wei came to Xi'an five junctions near an educational technology limited company office, could not see the staff. "I was here to sign the contract, pay more than 30,000 yuan, to send their children for a period of 6 months closed learning." Mr. Wei said, his son Xiao Wei love the Internet, last year in the test did not test well, on the school effect Well, he wanted to put the child in a closed school exercise. So he found the school in the blue sky Huaxu training school. Xiao Wei after school, the school ban parents and children meet, promised a teacher 24 hours care.

Wei said that after the May 26 admission, Xiao Wei gave parents wrote a letter, said he would try to progress. He also and teachers to communicate, the teacher said the child performed well and progress great.

July 25 at 10 am, my mother received a phone call, said Wei injured in Xijing hospital seriously injured. Mr. Wei went to the hospital and found that the child was covered with injuries, chin broke, eyes collapsed, the body multiple fractures. Hospital diagnosis showed a high drop of maxillofacial bleeding more than 10 hours, maxillofacial multiple fractures, left eye injury, optic nerve injury, lung contusion, humeral fractures, lower limb multiple fractures.

"Well, the school sent two teachers in the hospital to accompany their children, pay more than 10 million medical expenses." But also to do fractures surgery, need 150,000 yuan, the school will no longer bear, and accompany the teacher also withdrew. At present the child is a little stable condition, transferred to the general ward, but the fracture surgery has not done. He is a temporary worker, it really did not come up so much medical expenses, I hope the school can first money to save the child.

In the two sides signed the contract, the reporter saw the parents hope that the school's children's "Internet, rebellious" problem behavior training and quality development, to promote the return of the child to the family, return to the classroom, to develop a good life habits. , The school has the obligation and responsibility to ensure that students during the training of personal safety.

The school said the child fell on the toilet, there are suicide suspects commit suicide

A school official said that the school is a corporatized operation, mainly to carry out outreach training, the child is in the morning of July 25 during the break, from the 5th floor of the toilet window falls, and found the school after the call quickly 120 Take the child to the hospital. For the children suddenly fall, the school is also very unexpected, because the school this time the child has been quite normal. After the incident in the child's textbooks found a suicide note, which says "I want to die, I want to die, my parents are sorry" and so on, so I suspect that children want to commit suicide, the area police station also involved in the investigation. The official said, enough to understand the feelings of parents, but hope that through legal channels to solve the problem.

"I now hope that the school first money to save the child." Mr. Wei that children in school accident, the school should take responsibility. For the suicide note, he said he did not know whether it was written by his son, because the child can not speak the throat, can not ask.

Wrote to his parents that he wanted to change himself

Wei said that in the closed learning of this time, Xiao Wei wrote to him three letters, but also to write a letter to the mother, the letter is written on the situation is very good, and communicate with the teacher, also said that the child is very good , There has been progress, Mr. Wei can not believe that children really want to commit suicide.

The reporter read the 16-year-old Xiao Wei wrote to the father and mother's letter.

"My dear father: I received your letter tonight, I miss you, that week, I really hate you, but I still think a lot. I do not go home at home for three months Go to school ... ... and you quarrel, and even fight, I was dazzled, hope you understand "" Dad I really miss you, and understand that you are good to me, but as my mother said, your way The method is not very good, so I can not understand.I can as you believe in the sentence that the same agreement, you work well, I study hard, we who do not let anyone worry. "" I really want to I want to go home before September, I want to go to school, can you do it before September? I must learn to be independent before September, learn to be strong.

"Dear mother: I am here very well, please do not worry, I have not seen you for a few months, I miss the day before, we have a family of three, from time to time out to play. I think this is very good, but still I want to go to school, learn the ability to feed you in the future, mother you read this letter, I hope you and your father to talk, to your relationship "I want to get rid of bad temper and get along with you."

"Mom now I want to make a good change here, go back after a different son, and now I really want to go to school ah, I would like to change in the two months, go back to school, after college, soldier. "" Do you come to meet me when you start school in September? Will I be able to do it well, do you believe me, do you have confidence in yourself? "

"Dad I miss you, today is just one and a half months, one and a half months did not go home, and have not seen you. Mom and Dad, my son to your life, and his son into a customs, you can call me. Know that you feel that I am not bad, just small problems, as long as the correction, you will love me as before.

A letter, for parents always use the title "you", everywhere can see my dear father or dear mother, inscribed always love your son. Who can think of this child, now lying in the hospital bed, covered with pain, physical, and psychological pain.

The child's suicide note book is very confusing

In the school to provide the suicide note, the writing is very confusing, the date marked on July 24, also the day of the incident that July 25.

"Today, the weather is clear, the mood of a mess, write this letter because the mood did not vent, I hope you do not remember me, forget my father and mother." "Daddy I die, do not think of me, I'm sorry you, I am too cowardly, I think this world really does not mean." "Really miss you, I know I will you will be sad, will cry But I really can not stand the world. "

Expert opinion: adolescent children need love and a sense of security

Xi'an Institute of Psychology Shang Hua said that adolescent children easy to touch the scene, emotional, capricious, impulsive, immature, not control their own emotions, self-control is limited. Parents and teachers should stand on the child's position, consider the child's psychological needs, rather than the adult point of view to judge the child. Children encounter some accidents, setbacks, bad mood, parents and teachers should be timely care, accompany, let the children feel care and love, to avoid causing extreme excitement.

Li Yu-cheng, director of the Institute of Psychology and Learning Psychology in Shaanxi Province, said that from the letter you can see the child is smart, sensitive, psychological is very fragile, lack of self-confidence, want to do but but not control their own, family relations are not harmonious, The relationship is improved.

The child's suicide note is depressed, may have encountered something in the school, by the wronged, or in the process of trying to setbacks, feel the result is not satisfactory, can not face their parents, so want to take extreme behavior.

If the teacher, classmates, parents can find his depression, timely attention and guidance, may be able to avoid the tragedy. Adolescent children have some rebellious, like the Internet, as parents to accept the child of these acts. Parents first in front of children to do a good example, and then love children, will give children to create a good life and growth space, so that children in the environment and atmosphere of healthy growth.