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Candidates mistakenly fill in "directed students" graduation to go to Tibet

time:2017-08-08 source:Peiying edit:admin 

Recently, Hubei Huangpi candidates parents Mr. Ma to reporters, the children fill in college entrance examination volunteer, because the college entrance examination volunteer to remind not obvious, mistakenly fill the Tibetan orientation students. This type of student, after entering the school can not turn professional, and after graduation must go to Tibet. Now, the child dilemma, want to give up admission to choose to repeat. In this regard, Mr. Ma appeal, college entrance examination volunteer table, whether the orientation of such a positive note more obvious?

Mr. Ma's children this year, college entrance examination results 511 points, successfully by the Hubei Normal University pre-school professional admission. In the whole family happy at the same time, Mr. Ma inadvertently found that the school in the voluntary volunteer. He took a closer look, the original is the school's Tibetan orientation students in the collection of volunteer, but also pre-school education. He and the child's volunteer a comparison found that their children actually is the Tibetan orientation students

What does the Tibetan orientation give? Mr. Ma immediately and Hubei Normal University to contact, asked the situation, the original Tibetan orientation is required to go to Tibet after graduation work, if not to Tibet, the future may not get diploma, breach of contract costs are high.

In this regard, the recruitment of Hubei Province, college entrance examination volunteer once the file, can not file. This means that the child would like to return the file, fill in the volunteer or fill in the college is also impossible.

Hearing the news, Mr. Ma's children are stupid. The whole family is in gloom. In the end read or not read? Read, the child is reluctant to go to work in Tibet. Do not read the words, can only give up the choice of repeat.

In this regard, Mr. Ma said that in the college entrance examination volunteer, fill in the professional, only the code, the code specified in the following, if not careful, it may be the effect. He said that rural children, many home no computer, the children are concentrated to the school to fill in the college entrance examination volunteer, so less chance of repeated checks, it is easy to go wrong.

He said that since the consequences of targeted default is so serious, volunteer to fill in the process is not to be rigorous to do some good.