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Four provinces this year to start college entrance examination reform, the greatest impact is junior high school students

time:2017-08-08 source:Peiying edit:admin 

After the reform of the college entrance examination, the three-door examination language, mathematics, foreign language, which foreign language can refer to many times, take the highest score included in the college entrance examination scores, the score on the college entrance examination in terms of greatly reduced; mathematics in the future proposition to large The degree of difficulty will be reduced, the degree of language alone, the difficulty of upgrading, so the language in the college entrance examination in the distinction will be the largest, most likely to pull the student grade.

Girls in the test more dominant

In the test is just a fight "who less mistakes," the low difficulty test, the character is more serious, meticulous girls, obviously dominant.

2017 in the test, was dubbed the "full of times", exaggerated elements are a little, but the future exam from the "top pick" to "test basic skills" transfer this is no doubt.

This is to do the work of careful female baby, it is definitely more advantages, which from all over the country this year, the champion, liberal arts college entrance examination champion is more female baby can be seen.

A number of secondary school teachers believe that the current test is just a fight "who less mistakes," the low difficulty test, because the boy's late-maturing nature, in the test stage in a weak stage, and to the college entrance examination stage, the boy broke out, its advantage slowly Was revealed.

"The current difficulty in the examination of low demand, low degree of challenge, according to the degree of difficulty coefficient of 7: 3: 1 ratio, most of the knowledge is to grasp the firmness and meticulous degree of character more serious and meticulous girls, obviously dominant. "A popular high school teaching staff said that the junior high school stage, the boys would have been better than girls, in a relatively simple examination, the two will be at a disadvantage.

However, through the examination out of the high score students, and into the high school after the development potential is not necessarily related. Another senior high school class teacher said: "high school 3 years of learning in the 'dark horse' is more boys, I have taught a boy, junior high school in the middle of the class is only on the position, to high school due to outstanding competition, was sent into The North. "

"Those who have the language in the test", the girls liberal arts more advantages!

Mathematics in the future proposition to reduce the difficulty of discrimination will be a greater decline, only the breadth of language, difficulty, so the language in the total score in the examination will be the largest, most likely to pull the student grade.

Those who speak the language in the test is not too much! Language improvement needs long-term accumulation, primary school does not catch, in college entrance examination will regret, when the time to catch too late. The position of the future language is like the decisive role of the number of junior high school junior highs, and the number of odds is better. Those who have the language in the examination, the reader had language. Reading habits will become the first important habit of students primary school before and after school, and will continue to go on!

Boys by their own physiological characteristics of the impact, naughty, more difficult to bind themselves than girls, good habits of training more difficult than girls. After the language becomes the first subject, the girl's self-restraint and discipline make them easier and more willing to accept the parents, the teacher's advice to step by step to improve the language level. And most of the boys will still be the same in general. Now admitted to the well-known university girls had more than boys, college entrance examination after the girls is more like a duck.

Therefore, the parents of the boys have to worry more, and early to cultivate their good habits, especially reading habits. In short, how can we not let the boys lose a game in this crucial round!

How do boys learn Chinese?

1, with the moment thinking language

We often say that boys abstract thinking developed, macro, logical ability, more rational; girls image thinking developed, meticulous, language ability, more emotional. This distinction does make the girls in the process of learning the language has a congenital advantage.

Rational thinking that everything is regular, so always put in the hope of training, hope that the sea to exercise their own ability to win every test. Boys often like to practice through a lot of training after the smart, do the feeling of ruins. They like "in the test essay secrets" "decipher reading password" such a name of the auxiliary teachings, deeply feel that this is "dry goods." But that the teacher said the broken mouth recommended "watched" "seek crossing" "mountain home notes" "five thousand years up and down" really wasted time.

For these rational thinking of the child, do not bring the self to read the article, the article in the things and their distance is always far away, just a story, just knowledge or talk. This is a bad language. Careful experience, and articles trying to find a resonance, the heart of Qi Yan, you really understand the. This is the first step in raising the language.

Therefore, the language learning, boys need to understand the deployment of thinking habits, in the process of learning the language, the emotional image of thinking as a "number one" to logical thinking and other rational thinking to do "deputy."

2, as soon as possible to develop reading habits

From small to large, boys are often happy, watching TV, playing games, all kinds of sports, so that boys do not have a chance to develop a personal reading habits. Suddenly on the junior high school, time becomes tense, sports games occupy the class time, there is no "reading" is difficult to break the inertia, among the boys' timetable.

And boys are often interested in cluster activities, which implicit competition so that he can not stop. Due to the existing conditions, there is no suitable platform to read this activity can only be a person, there is no competitive to stimulate him, most boys can not feel what is good reading. To junior high school, a complete book have not seen the students are still a lot of people.

The boy's energy and more into the play, even the essay selection are often "playing football, playing basketball, maternal love, friendship," no. This proves that they lack the focus on the surrounding life, their lives are too limited and single, plus the loss of reading the pioneering vision, the introduction of new ways of attention, their language literacy will have been in a very low state The

So the establishment of a good reading habits, to guide children to expand extracurricular observation of vision, is two very important remedial measures. There is a saying so that "did not eat pork, not seen the pig run?" Reading is "see pig run"; to go to their own personal experience to find, to break the boys generally rigid living habits, is to "eat Pork "friends.

3, must be more involved in life

College entrance examination questions are always decentralized to the exam, this trend is really so that all the parents of parents worried about the fire. Many high school emotional problems are gradually infiltrated. Originally the child had no sensible child, the original boy's emotional intelligence than the same period, but how can this be good?

In fact, EQ is not taught out, but to a suitable environment, the child grow up their own development. So this aspect, parents and friends to think a lot.

One reason for the low cost of children now is: less experience. Most parents, which do not let the children do, that does not let the children do. For example, many parents determined to avoid letting children learn to cook. Gas, stove, chopper what really for the second child is a certain risk, but we can avoid the danger, so that children can participate in this matter to it.

Dumplings learn to pinch, learn to stir the filling, and even listen to what he can invent "creative dumplings stuffing." Another example is to help wear garlic, vegetables, prepare dishes are also possible. Another example is the watering of the plants at home, give him an account to help understand how to finance ... ... not that do not learn is a waste of time, let the children pay a little physical strength is not distressed children.

The accumulation of these things, not only for the children to accumulate writing material, but also to help his intellectual growth, help him understand how to understand others, to experience the feelings of others, it is more in language learning in the natural understanding of a lot of problems in place.

Children and parents are a whole, the whole internal pay attention to a balance. You overly strong, over trivial invasion of the child's life, the child will be weak and no assertive. Only our parents can be weak down, soft down, to the child space and opportunities, believe him, in order to let the child's intelligence gradually grow, improve the child's emotional intelligence and writing ability.