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Expert guidance: different children three English teaching method

In the eyes of parents, children are treasure, which parents do not want their children excellent results, outstanding? It is true that good results are the result of continuous efforts by children and parents, but the more important reason for getting this result lies in the size of the child's ability. This is like writing a good word calligrapher, on the good Xuan paper and pen Yan contributed, and really support the font is the calligrapher's ability to write.

Parents must know: premature research to kill English learning fun

Expert evaluation is that the language of learning to have a certain frequency, intensity and repeat, this is a implicit way. Children's mother tongue learning is an implicit acquisition, relying on a large number of appropriate input; and adult foreign language as a specific learning object, explicit "learning", which is a limited input.

Learn to say "no": 10 benefits for life (Bilingual)

You can not do anything for everyone or do everything.

Parents must read: why learning 26 letters is critical?

In fact, primary school English is not difficult, it is difficult to difficult in 26 English letters. All English is composed of 26 English letters. Letters, is the basis of the composition of the word, is the first lesson in English learning. If you can not learn the 26 English letters, then your words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs are hard to learn. So to be a good English student, you should first learn 26 English letters.